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Decisively more successful with intuitive analyses.

Understand and Implement

Learn about Eigenland in our one day intensive seminars and learn about the science and methodological background and the practical implementation of the tool.

Persönlich und praxisnah

The seminar certifies you or co-workers as Eigenland consultants. Every certified consultant has the ability to consult on Eigenland in the range of their knowledge from the seminar. An overview of the current appointments is available under the Current tab. In order to get the most out of the information presented about the method and tools, and leave time to discuss individual themes, it is possible for up to 10 people to take part in the certification seminar. If you wish to have an exclusive appointment for your company, then we can accomadate this for you.

Become a Partner Immediately

Are you interested in applying for an Eigenland license and becoming a part of our community? Then simply contact us. We are happy to personally help you with information about our license-partner model.

Unlimited Possibilities

With an Eigenland license you are able to use and apply Eigenland. Through this you have unlimited range in the set up and are able to create as many workshops and themes as you want. We will be there every step of the way for help and we will support you with our theme library to create theses.

Service und Support
System features

The Eigenland system features various hardware and software components (IPad, App, Printer, Play setting, etc), which are required for the execution. All components are in a briefcase (the color is customizable) compact and ready to travel, so that they can be utilized at any moment. If you wish, we can customize the cloth and other components to show your company logo.

Unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten
Service und Support
Service and Support

As an Eigenland partner, you are also a member of our Eigenland community. Through this you get support in the acquisition, marketing, and PR (i.e. Eigenland website and networking event). In addition to this, we offer direct and personal assistance and our service-hotline is always available to answer questions.

Unbegrenzte Möglichkeiten
Implement Eigenland and become a part of Eigenland as a consultant or just as a part of our valuable community.

Overview of our Partner Model

The choice is yours: You can be certified as an Eigenland consultant and/or use Eigenland in your company or for your clients.

License and Equipment

  • Use and execution of the Eigenland Method
  • System features are included (Hard- and Software)
  • Unlimited adding of themes
  • Unlimited implementation of workshops
  • Access to the licensed personnel portal for the administration of your themes and theses
  • Use of the Eigenland media for company activities
  • Support in acquisition, media, and PR (i.e. Eigenland website and networking event)
  • Exclusive membership in the Eigenland community
  • Direct support and service-hotline
  • Periodic system and security updates


  • One of a kind seminar to certify you as an Eigenland consultant
  • Scientific backgrounds of the Eigenland method
  • Intensive implementation and application training
  • Official Eigenland consultant certificate
  • 80 page handbook
«  We went through a fundamental analysis, considered our intuitions, and quickly achieved concrete solutions, all while having fun!  »
Andre Allerdisse
Mario Kestler, CEO of the Haufe Academy in Freiburg
«  I was impressed with how quickly it reached results and surprised at the in depth analysis of separate divisions.  »
Rolf Schroeder
Rolf Schröder, Responsible for Project management at Telekom Engineering Germany, German Telekom AG
«  The icing on the cake is the immediate data analysis by professionals, which is presented in a comprehensible way.  »
Kerstin Friedrich
Kerstin Friedrich, Consultant, Expert for EKS, Bestselling Author in Business
«  Our sales managers have gained new insights and achieved clarity in just one day. At the end of the day, there was a plan of action to achieve our goals and the commitment of the stakeholders.  »
Carsten Beier
Carsten Beier, Managing director quick-mix group GmbH and Co. KG
«  Eigenland® has shown that it is possible to exchange opinions and information with different actors along an industrial value chain.  »
Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels

Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels
Leiterin Industrial Marketing für Möbel bei Covestro Deutschland AG