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Erfolgreicher mit Mensch und Methode.

The Eigenland® Workshop Method

Worldwide successful and measurable solutions to accelerate your development and transformation processes.
Eigenland endows time, generates new insights and activates people.
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Workshops, Conferences, Trainings - configured effectively
Shape your success successfully together. Easily- with Eigenland®. From the intuitive knowledge of teams, new facts are gained and create a common consciousness, with pleasure and ease.
This not only motivates and bundles forces, but it also leads to better decisions for your success.

How does it work?

Learn, understand, and love Eigenland in only 2 minutes. Eigenland is a brilliant mix between a think-tank and a workshop, which offers you and your team a simple and structured process and a unique connection between playful, haptic, digital, and intuitive elements. Themes and theses are fully customizable and flexible to fit the goals of you and your client. The duration of the process and the way of implementing the process are also fully customizable for each individual: Whether it should last an hour or a day, a group of people ranging from 4-12 per group and even the amount of groups that are simultaneously working or one after another. If German, English, and even Turkish- there are no boundaries in our understanding.

Eigenland, based on reviews from our partners, make a significant difference –including economic key figures and intangible aspects. The method is therefore any unknown knowledge –and experience utilized, trusts the strength of gamification and leads teams in an unbeatable short amount of time to a new level of motivation and surprising traits.

Largest unused resource

11 million bits pound at us per second. Just 40 bits, that is 0.0004% of it, we consciously perceive the head. The "remaining" 99.9996% are stored in our experience database and serve our intuition as a basis for decisions in both the professional and the private. The Eigenland® methodology makes use of this unconscious knowledge and experience Completely new, surprising insights.
The Eigenland® Workshop method

Potenziale ausschöpfen

Was passiert eigentlich in Unternehmen, wenn die Menschen abends nach Hause gehen? Nichts. Denn es sind die Menschen, die Unternehmen erfolgreich machen. In Zeiten stetigen Wandels rückt der Mensch mit seinen kognitiven, kreativen und sozialen Kompetenzen wieder in den Mittelpunkt. Doch die zahlreich, nur selten gelingenden Entwicklungsprozesse in Unternehmen zeigen: Dieses Potenzial wird noch viel zu wenig genutzt. Den entscheidenen Unterschied zwischen maximal durchschnittlichen und größtmöglichen Erfolg erzielen Unternehmen aber genau dann, wenn sie die Erfahrungen und das Wissen ihrer Mitarbeitenden sinnstiftend und partizipativ einsetzen.
Darstellung der Eigenland® Workshop Methode

Teams bewegen

Im Spiel fühlen sich Teams freier und verbundener, sind anderen Meinungen und Perspektiven gegenüber aufgeschlossen und bauen Spannungen ab. Mit der Eigenland® Workshop Methode bekommen Sie alle an einen Tisch, fokussieren durch den zentrierten Spielaufbau auf das Thema und geben den Teilnehmern die Möglichkeit, Entwicklungsprozesse aktiv mitzugestalten. Jeder wird mit seiner Meinung gesehen und gehört. Hierarchien und Meinungsführer spielen keine Rolle. Und selbst komplexe, unbequeme Themen werden dank des spielerischen Settings konstruktiv und schmerzfrei gelöst.
Vogelperspektive der Eigenland Workshop Methode

Value creating

With Eigenland® you can achieve material and immaterial success depending on the respective topic and the application situation. Only Eigenland® elevates the intuitive knowledge of teams and leverages multisensory and digital elements.


  • Quick Wins
  • ideas
  • solutions
  • Increased sales
  • Higher yield
  • Business model innovation
  • New Products


  • Inner commitment to the subject
  • Common image of goals and procedures
  • Total company thinking of the team
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • Higher performance and efficiency
  • Changed leadership culture
  • Active introduction of the team
«  We went through a fundamental analysis, considered our intuitions, and quickly achieved concrete solutions, all while having fun!  »
Portrait Mario Kestler

Mario Kestler,

CEO of the Haufe Academy in Freiburg

«  I was impressed with how quickly it reached results and surprised at the in depth analysis of separate divisions.  »
Portrait Rolf Schröder

Rolf Schröder

Responsible for project management at Deutsche Telekom Technic, Telekom AG

«  The icing on the cake is the immediate data analysis by professionals, which is presented in a comprehensible way.  »
Portrait Kerstin Friedrich

Kerstin Friedrich

Consultant, Top-Expert for EKS, Bestselling Author in Business

«  Our sales managers have gained new insights and achieved clarity in just one day. At the end of the day, there was a plan of action to achieve our goals and the commitment of the stakeholders.  »
Portrait Carsten Beier

Carsten Beier

Managing director quick-mix Group GmbH & Co. KG

«  Eigenland® has shown that it is possible to exchange opinions and information with different actors along an industrial value chain.  »
Portrait Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels

Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels

Leader for industrial marketing for furniture at Covestro Deutschland AG


This is how you use Eigenland

In order to get the full potential and best result, you get to choose from 3 approaches.

Icon House
Use Eigenland yourself
If you are personally able, or want to use Eigenland multiple times internally or for clients, you will become a licensed partner and will get certification from our team.
Icon Community
Experts from the Eigenland Community
Depending on your choice of theme, we will consult you and/ or run throught the workshop with you and your team or transfer you to one of the many experts in our community.
Icon Berater
Externes Consultingteam
Do you already have a good external consulting team, but want that they work through Eigenland with you? Then let us get in touch with them and we will guide them through Eigenland so they may consult you.

Overview of our Partner Model

The choice is yours: You can be certified as an Eigenland consultant and/or use Eigenland in your company or for your clients.

License and Equipment

  • Use and execution of the Eigenland Method
  • System features are included (Hard- and Software)
  • Unlimited adding of themes
  • Unlimited implementation of workshops
  • Access to the licensed personnel portal for the administration of your themes and theses
  • Use of the Eigenland media for company activities
  • Support in acquisition, media, and PR (i.e. Eigenland website and networking event)
  • Exclusive membership in the Eigenland community
  • Direct support and service-hotline
  • Periodic system and security updates


  • One of a kind seminar to certify you as an Eigenland consultant
  • Scientific backgrounds of the Eigenland method
  • Intensive implementation and application training
  • Official Eigenland consultant certificate
  • 80 page handbook