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Erfolgreicher mit Mensch und Methode.

Our Friends

To work with competent and passionate people for the success of other people, companies and organizations, excites us day for day.

The Network for your Success

Wir sind viele: Mehr als 350 Eigenland®-Beraterinnen und -Berater in D-A-CH und den U.S.A. setzen die Eigenland® Methodik erfolgreich in ihrem eigenen Unternehmen oder bei Kunden ein – Tendenz steigend. Von der Ein-Mann-Beratung über mittelständische Unternehmen, renommierte Beratungsfirmen und Großkonzerne, bis hin zu Banken und Akademien – Die Vielfalt der Eigenland® BeraterInnen ist groß und unsere Eigenland® Community wächst stetig weiter. Was uns alle miteinander verbindet: Eine gemeinsame Haltung.
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Do you want to use Eigenland?

This is how you use Eigenland

In order to get the full potential and best result, you get to choose from 3 approaches.

Use Eigenland yourself

If you are personally able, or want to use Eigenland multiple times internally or for clients, you will become a licensed partner and will get certification from our team.

Experts from the Eigenland Community

Depending on your choice of theme, we will consult you and/ or run throught the workshop with you and your team or transfer you to one of the many experts in our community.

External Consulting

Do you already have a good external consulting team, but want that they work through Eigenland with you? Then let us get in touch with them and we will guide them through Eigenland so they may consult you.

Learn more about the Eigenland® methodology and the People behind the idea.
Become an Eigenland Consultant
Become an Eigenland Consultant
Our community is continuously growing. Every month exciting new personalities are certified as Eigenland consultants –Either through our open certification appointments, where you will network immediately, or in exclusive internal training sessions.
Press and Events
Do you want to write an article about us, invite us as a guest speaker at an event, or use Eigenland in your event? Then contact us. Articles about Eigenland and previous events are available in the Press tab.
«  We went through a fundamental analysis, considered our intuitions, and quickly achieved concrete solutions, all while having fun!  »
Andre Allerdisse

Mario Kestler,
Geschäfsführer der Haufe Akademie in Freiburg

«  I was impressed with how quickly it reached results and surprised at the in depth analysis of separate divisions.  »
Rolf Schroeder

Rolf Schröder
verantwortlich für das Projektmanagement in der Deutschen Telekom Technik, Deutsche Telekom AG

«  The icing on the cake is the immediate data analysis by professionals, which is presented in a comprehensible way.  »
Kerstin Friedrich

Kerstin Friedrich
Unternehmensberaterin, Top-Expertin für die EKS, Autorin mehrerer preisgekrönter Business-Bestseller

«  Our sales managers have gained new insights and achieved clarity in just one day. At the end of the day, there was a plan of action to achieve our goals and the commitment of the stakeholders.  »
Carsten Beier

Carsten Beier
Vertretungsberechtigter Geschäftsführer quick-mix Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG

«  Eigenland® has shown that it is possible to exchange opinions and information with different actors along an industrial value chain.  »
Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels

Dr. Jaqueline Kusan-Bindels
Leiterin Industrial Marketing für Möbel bei Covestro Deutschland AG